Loneliness, now called the “disease epidemic” of the 21st century in America, is at an all-time high.  Over the past 20 years, we have gone from having three close friends to less than two; and often one of them is our spouse or significant other. Even among those who “prefer” a detached personal life, our physiology begs to differ.  The research is in: living with insufficient social connections unduly taxes our adrenal glands, lowers our immunity and shortens our lives.  It is challenging to be a busy healthcare professional and still make time for deeper personal connections.  Just like one can die of thirst on the high seas, we can easily remain isolated despite having a busy practice.   What is the solution?  Here is what we will be learning together:

• Pseudo-connection:  Virtual, shallow relationships, and other counterfeits to true socialization.
• Isolation not only limits our career, it shortens our lives.  Learn what the research indicates we need each week, socially.
• Understanding the problem:  Why do intelligent people avoid connections and choose to be busy rather than truly connected?
• The “mirroring” effect of connection and why it matters to our mental, physical and career health.
• What is your NQ?  Your network quotient?
• How do you find and develop new connections in busy mid-life? (Start by consistently doing these two strategic things.)
It has been said that America is rich in financial opportunities but ranks poorly worldwide in the quality of its social connections.  In addition, we miss valuable feedback and the opportunity to “course correct” in our personal and work lives without timely, essential input from others. If you have ever felt as if you could do more in your career or have struggled to let go of a difficult habit, chances are, you are trying to do it on your own.  As Fire Your Excuses challenges us: “Don’t try harder, get more connected!”  Come and learn the techniques and strategies to staying connected emotionally and socially and avoiding burnout.  Join us, connect with great health care colleagues and be inspired!
Note: For the maximum benefit, it is suggested that attendees take the free Fire Your Excuses Self-Assessment at www.fireyourexcuses.com  before the presentation.
About Your Speaker 
Dr. Bill Dyment, a clinical psychologist, is a leading expert in permanent change.  He is the co-author of Fire Your Excuses, a ground-breaking book and self-assessment highlighting our eight most common excuse and our current potential for change.  Last year, he launched, “Leap Year:  One week to an extraordinary next year,” his new executive coaching course and community. He is currently working on his next book:  The Complete Guide to Executive Coaching, due out later this year.
To date, Dr. Dyment has delivered 2900 presentations to over 500 organizations including hundreds of hospital audiences, many in Orange County. Dr. Dyment currently presents 100 seminars a year, serves as an executive coach and counselor, and consults with hospital and medical organizations experiencing change, including Hoag Memorial and St. Joseph Health Systems. In addition, he is a popular radio guest and frequently interviewed on Forbes.com.


  • Occurred Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 @ 6:00 pm


Orange County Medical Association

5000 Campus Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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