Telemedicine has quickly become an essential and expected service of the medical practice. The rapid pace that practices have had to adopt telemedicine over the past year has left many questions unanswered and gaps unfilled. In the on-demand webcast, Virtual Care: The Next Medical Frontier, presented by the Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP), Dr. S. John Korangy, MD, MPH addresses the fundamental challenges many physicians experience when implementing telemedicine programs and provides a framework for a successful operation.

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This webcast will help physicians understand:

  • What to do and what not to do when implementing telemedicine
  • Factors for selecting the right technology
  • How to use telemedicine to maximize revenue
  • Best practices for meaningful virtual patient visits
  • Future considerations for providing remote care

Dr. Korangy is a Board Certified Neuroradiologist who has spent his entire career developing and implementing telehealth systems. As a founder of CareClix, he developed one of the most robust virtual health platforms in the world with the goal of improving access to quality, cost effective health care services for patients.

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