LACMA is excited to partner with Mocingbird to offer an innovative, cloud-based solution that manages all of your licenses, certifications, and CME in one place. Mocingbird is founded by two physicians who needed to regain control of managing CME and create a clinician-friendly solution.

Managing your CME should be a two-step process:

1. Upload your licenses and CME info onto Mocingbird

2. Learn

You only need to upload the info once, and Mocingbird will do the rest. One platform that tracks everything - it’s that simple.

How does it work? (See Mocingbird in Action)

Mocingbird takes complex CME requirements and simplifies them into trackable action items/tasks. You will know exactly what CME requirements are due by when to stay compliant. From State and Board to other expirables, Mocingbird tracks them all.

When you upload your completed CME certifications, Mocingbird will automatically categorize, calculate and apply the credits to where it’s due. Mocingbird also provides CME recommendations on their Learning Center, so instead of trying to “figure out” which CME can be used to fulfill which requirements, Mocingbird does it all for you.

Here is your LACMA exclusive offer:

  • Receive the first month of Mocingbird for free
  • LACMA members (second month onwards): $8.25/month or $99/year (org. $199/year)
  • LACMA Residents & Medical Students: Free

Learn more and sign up today at or check out Mocingbird blog for useful tips!

Reminder: We have a dedicated COVID-19 resource page for all providers, physicians and community based organizations affected by the global pandemic.

Visit the page below to explore the resources available to you.


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