#PNN_Sacramento Capitol Building in California

Two bills supported by the California Medical Association (CMA) are being heard in committee this week. CMA is urging all physicians to contact legislators and urge them to vote yes on these important bills.

AB 242 (Newman)—Requiring payors to reimburse physicians for PPE: While physicians can bill payors for certain CPT codes for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other COVID-related supplies, most payors are not reimbursing for them, leaving physicians to bear the full brunt of these costs. CMA-sponsored AB 242 would require health plans and insurers to reimburse its contracted health care providers for business expenses that are medically necessary to render treatment to patients, to protect health care workers and to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19. This bill currently in the Senate Health Committee. Click here to contact legislators and urge them to vote yes on this important bill.

SB 250 (Pan)— Reducing administrative burdens in physician practices: CMA is sponsoring a legislative effort to reduce administrative burdens in physician practices, so physicians can spend less time on paperwork and billing and more time dedicated to patient care. SB 250 will reform prior authorization processes and relieve physicians from having to repetitively submit prior authorizations for a set period of time. The bill would also streamline the billing process for physicians in hospital settings by requiring payors to collect enrollee cost-sharing amounts directly (including deductibles). SB 250 will be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, March 10. Click here to contact legislators and urge them to vote yes on this important bill.

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