Great News! The Monterey County Medical Society (MCMS) has teamed with Physicians News Network (PNN) to deliver weekly enews bulletins edited specifically for the interests of Monterey County physicians.

The MCMS | PNN eNews Bulletin, delivered to your email every Tuesday, will focus on the business of local healthcare delivery, reporting on topics specific to MCMS and Northern California physicians along with timely news on hot button issues that directly impact your practice in these challenging times.

In addition to up-to-the-minute news, look for these sections in your PNN eNews Bulletin:

KUDOS | A favorite among our readers, the Kudos section highlights the achievements of your local colleagues and institutions. 

I & I | The Infrastructure & Investment section focuses on healthcare-related financial, real estate and infrastructure news at the local level.

ICYMI | We studies, reports, and want you to miss a thing! The new In Case You Missed It section will feature important stories from other PNN publications around the state, including our connected care and technology news bulletin, PNN CONNECTED.

R & D | While PNN strives to deliver local and state business news that is most important to your practice, the new Research & Development section will briefly summarize local clinical research, apps, phones, and achievements, keeping you in the loop with everything that's happening in your medical community.

In addition, every Thursday PNN CONNECTED will deliver to you news on all aspects of connected care, including data sharing and provider connectivity; EHRs; monitors and devices; software, apps, phones and tablets; reports, studies, and surveys; as well as innovations, success stories, business, and legislation. While focusing on California facilities, companies, innovations, and transactions, we will also explore stories about what’s working at hospitals and practices throughout the country in an effort to empower our physician readers to continue to lead the charge in the world of connected care. 

PNN eNews Bulletins are written and edited by professional healthcare journalists, and will serve as a valuable resource by helping you stay informed, track emerging trends, and take advantage of new opportunities.

Look for the inaugural issue of the MCMS | PNN news bulletin on Tuesday, September 27, followed by PNN CONNECTED on September 29!

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