Tech giants have zeroed in on healthcare, and 59% of hospital executives think that Amazon is poised to be the biggest disrupter of all for the industry, while telemedicine tops the list of technologies that will have the biggest impact, according to a Reaction Data report.

The leading distributor also received the most mentions when asked about a wide range of topics, from patient engagement, brand loyalty and convenience to predictive analysis.

“Amazon has a huge market they can use to distribute materials. They are already a household name, and the users are not specific to Apple or Android,” one CEO said.

The study surveyed almost 100 healthcare leaders, 80% of whom were in the C-suite, and nearly half of the respondents worked in hospitals. With 59% of those asked seeing Amazon as the future of the healthcare industry, Apple took the second place seat with only 14% of the votes.

“Because of the flurry of activity in the last few months,” the report begins, “Reaction Data went out to provider organizations and garnered feedback from nearly a hundred leaders. In this report, we find out which companies these leaders think will have the biggest impact on healthcare and why. We also look at some of the areas the key players are trying to break into.”

Healthcare leaders see virtual care to have the biggest impact on how care is delivered (30%), while nearly 75% say they are already using telemedicine. Artificial intelligence (20%), interoperability (15%), data analytics (13%) and mobile data (11%) are also being closely watched by technology execs.

While the adoption of AI is slow, more than two-thirds of respondents believe AI is important, but only 15% are within one to two years of adopting it. According to the report, in order to sell hospitals on the technology, vendors will need to offer tools that facilitate workflow and integrate well with existing systems. In all, 40% of hospitals and other provider organizations said they are seriously weighing some type of M&A activity in the next few years.

Last year, Amazon announced a partnership with J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to tackle healthcare for their employees with the aim of improving satisfaction and reducing costs and address employee healthcare issues. According to CNBC, Amazon also has plans to launch a primary care clinic for its employees.

You can download the report Here.

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