Greg DeNicola MD

Greg DeNicola MD, Medical Director and CEO

The CEO of the Caduceus Medical Group, an Orange County primary care and specialty medical group, says that for the few remaining locally owned and managed medical groups, providing the ultimate patient experience and addressing issues such as negative online reviews is critical for growth. Caduceus has received national recognition for its innovative online review policies.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gregg DeNicola, MD, shared how Caduceus adopted a strategy of embracing review sites and engaging with patients who are providing negative feedback online.

“When we first became aware of patient review sites, we did what anyone would do, we just ignored it,” said Dr. DeNicola in the interview. “Then new patients were actually canceling appointments because of reviews, and we realized this could be more serious than we thought.”

He said that they had to make a conscious decision to embrace online reviews and address the issue head-on.

A Caduceus spokesperson told PNN that the marketing and patient relations department read all the feedback and responded to every negative review. In addition, Caduceus doctors called the patients who left a negative review and asked how they could fix it.

“We have made many changes in our operations as a result of reviews, including structuring incoming phone calls to be dedicated to a separate department so front office staff could focus on the patient experience upon entry for his/her appointment.”

Since implementing the review strategy, the group has reversed the trend and now has 80% positive reviews, compared to less than half prior to the implementation of the strategy, the Caduceus spokesperson said.

As part of their Yorba Linda campus, a 12,000-square-foot life center houses Caduceus for Women, Caduceus 4 Kids, and Caduceus Specialty. They offer a complimentary barista bar, neck and shoulder massage in the women’s lounge, an indoor playground, koi pond, and other features catering to the patients’ needs. The medical group was the first in the country to have its own smartphone app.

All these efforts resulted in new patients coming to the practice because of positive online reviews, according to a statement released by the Caduceus group.

“The review sites are helping us a lot,” DeNicola noted. “When we decided to quit ignoring it and embraced it, it totally changed the game. I encourage other physicians to do the same.”

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