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The California Medical Association (CMA) has announced a new collaboration with Aledade, Inc. aimed at helping independent physicians succeed in the value-based healthcare system.

CMA will help to identify and prepare physicians to join Aledade’s physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs) forming in California. Aledade is currently recruiting physicians for these ACOs to participate in the Pathways to Success Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). The partnership marks Aledade’s first expansion into the California healthcare market.

“The California Medical Association has long supported the state’s physician community with the knowledge and resources needed to deliver the best possible care while remaining independent. Together, we will create a pathway for independent doctors to thrive in the new value-based healthcare system,” said Farzad Mostashari, MD, CEO and co-founder of Aledade. “We look forward to giving California physicians the opportunity to benefit from an ACO model that rewards them for improving quality of care and patient health outcomes while controlling costs.”

“This new collaboration will help thousands of physicians – particularly those in smaller, independent practices – focus on patient care instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks,” said David H. Aizuss, MD, president of the California Medical Association. “We believe this new model is one that can be replicated across the state, shifting toward more value-based care that will help physicians deliver better care to patients at a lower cost.”

Aledade is also working closely with CalHIPSO, which will provide practice transformation support services to California physicians who join Aledade’s ACOs. CMA is a founding partner in CalHIPSO, which helps small-practice clinicians, community health centers and public hospitals integrate technology solutions to better serve patients.

Aledade helps its ACO members reduce costs and improve performance on quality measures by offering comprehensive support, including cutting-edge data analytics, user-friendly care management and outreach tools, unparalleled regulatory expertise, strong payer relationships, and local, hands-on support.

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