Peter N. Bretan Jr., M.D.

Peter N. Bretan Jr., MD, a urologist and kidney transplant surgeon, was elected as the 152nd president of the California Medical Association. Dr. Bretan is the first Filipino-American physician to serve as CMA president.

“The most important goal, not just in this year of my presidency, but always, is to take back our profession by enabling physicians to lead the struggle to protect, expand and make universal access to  healthcare for all of our patients in California,” said Dr. Bretan. “If we are successful in this state, it will lead the way for sustainable universal healthcare for all of America.”

Dr. Bretan is the founder and CEO of Life Plant International, a charitable organization that furnishes lifesaving transplants in developing countries, for which he was recognized by the AMA with the Benjamin Rush Award for Citizenship and Community Service. Dr. Bretan has also provided care around the world on medical missions.

“I grew up as a child farm laborer, and I know what it is to be without adequate health care. My greatest motivation is in service to give back to society for my good fortune,” said Dr. Bretan.

After years of practice in Marin and Sonoma counties, Dr. Bretan now provides urologic and laparoscopic surgical care at a safety net hospital in Santa Cruz County. Most of his patients speak no English and have no medical insurance.

“My presidency will be dedicated to giving these patients, and the millions of hard-working Californians like them, a voice,” said Dr. Bretan. “We have an incredible opportunity to boldly change the way healthcare is delivered. We know that to best serve patients, healthcare must be physician led.”

Dr. Bretan has served as a CMA trustee and delegate, and is a three-time county medical society president. He is the current president of the California Urological Association and serves as an adjunct clinical professor at Touro University, where he has taught classes in healthcare policy for the past 16 years.

Dr. Bretan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in physiology from the University of California, Berkeley, and his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco, where he completed residencies in general surgery and urology, as well as a fellowship in radiology. He also completed a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in transplantation and renovascular surgery.

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