The California Medical Association (CMA) has released an ambitious strategic plan that will empower physicians to lead and transform the healthcare system.

Moving forward, California physicians are looking to CMA to further reduce administrative burdens in their practices, support them in providing quality care and ensure they thrive amid industry consolidation. To best meet these needs, CMA has refined its value proposition to emphasize physician empowerment to lead the transformation of the healthcare system.

“This plan, which is the distillation of months of stakeholder meetings and conversations, has identified actions to avoid stagnation,” said CMA President Peter N Bretan, Jr., MD. “Throughout the strategic planning process, participants were encouraged to think big and envision the type of future they want for CMA. Ultimately, we want to be champions of a vibrant, diverse physician pipeline; innovators in medical practice tools and resources; and leaders in increasing physician professional satisfaction.”

The 2020-2025 CMA Strategic Plan is based on extensive research conducted from January to August 2019. This process delved into the organization, environment, industry, stakeholders and competitors, as well as customer needs and preferences. Ultimately, CMA identified four strategic themes that represent the key priorities and aspirations to redefine CMA’s core business strategy:

  • Advocate for physician practice, accessible healthcare and public health legislation

  • Champion a vibrant, diverse California physician workforce

  • Innovate medical practice tools, support and resources

  • Lead efforts to improve physician professional satisfaction

“This strategic plan reflects the progress CMA has made, incorporates aspirational goals and reflects the forward-thinking of its members. It envisions a CMA where all projects – from advocacy to the work of our subsidiaries – are reinforcing each other and working toward a common purpose,” said CMA CEO Dustin Corcoran. “Implementing this vision will help CMA become a driver of innovation and healthcare transformation to the benefit of our physician members, their patients and California as a whole.”

CMA members can read the full 2020-2025 CMA Strategic Plan here.

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