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Lowering drug prices No. 1 voter health concern for 2020 elections, polls find | Fighting high drug costs is the primary healthcare concern for voters in the 2020 elections, rating above "Medicare for All," according to polls cited by the Los Angeles Times. A recent poll showed that two-thirds of Iowa voters listed prescription drug costs as their most significant healthcare concern, and a survey from Morning Consult showed similar numbers among voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina. A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation in September found that 70 percent of Americans want Congress to make lowering drug costs a top priority, and just 30 percent said Medicare for All should be the top priority, the Los Angeles Times reported. The numbers have caused Democrat presidential candidates to shift their focus to drug prices, with both Bernie Sanders and Amy Klobuchar running ads in Iowa that highlight their plans to cut drug costs. 

City of Hope opens cancer center in Newport Beach, the nonprofit's first facility in Orange County | City of Hope on Tuesday celebrated the opening of its first Orange County location. The president of City of Hope Orange County, Annette Walker, said it was an investment to serve the community because 20 percent of people in the county diagnosed with cancer left the area for treatment. "That $1 billion investment will include this site as well as our major site in Irvine and there will be two other sites in Orange County, one in south county and one in central county," Walker said. According to Walker, 3,200 patients in Orange County made their way to City of Hope's Duarte location to seek care for cancer last year. Walker said the services coming to Newport Beach are for everyone. "City of Hope has a long heritage of taking care of the community. It's in our roots. I mean, when we first opened as a TB sanitarium in the early 1900s we went to take care of people who had nowhere else to go. City of Hope does not discriminate on who we treat. We treat people who have cancer," Walker said.

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