The HealthSpot Station is a private, walk-in medical kiosk where patients interact with board certified healthcare providers using high-definition videoconferencing and a suite of connected medical devices that stream biomedical information in real time.

HealthSpot, maker of the The HealthSpot station, a fully enclosed, 40-square-foot kiosk enabled with proprietary cloud-based telemedicine software that allows patients to be seen and treated for a series of illnesses and conditions, will unveil new point-of-care lab technology from Samsung that analyzes blood, while you wait, with a drop of blood from a finger stick. Pending FDA approval, consumers will be able to obtain fast, easy and accurate blood tests for cholesterol, diabetes and liver tests, as well as other lab tests simultaneously, and get results in as little as seven minutes.

HealthSpot has already set sights on transforming the retail clinic by adding a virtual healthcare provider visit and in the future will be able to automate and integrate lab visits. The HealthSpot technology will connect lab results not only with the doctor’s electronic medical record but with the consumer’s personal health record and with the consumer’s insurance benefit plan and billing.

Through HealthSpot’s telehealth platform and integrated biomedical equipment, medical providers can virtually examine a patient using equipment similar to that found in their doctor’s office. With the addition of point-of-care technology, clinicians will be able to get on-demand results to make decisions right at the point of care, providing health systems with efficiency and cost reduction while improving health outcomes.

With the addition of Samsung’s blood analyzer, consumers will be able to get affordable and on-demand lab results, in addition to access to healthcare providers, inside HealthSpot stations at convenient retail pharmacy locations. The Samsung LABGEO PT10 saves time for clinicians, improving efficiency and accuracy through automated and rapid testing in seven minutes. It also reduces wait times for consumers while requiring less blood from the patient for the analysis.

“Adding labs to HealthSpot significantly enhances our mission to transform healthcare for consumers and providers. We are transforming retail clinics into a true extension of the local medical community and widening the scope of services that can be offered. The addition of blood analysis via Samsung’s smart point-of-care technology will allow providers to go one step further for virtual exams inside the HealthSpot station and serve patients better than ever before,” said HealthSpot CEO Steve Cashman. “We are helping consumerize healthcare—no more needles, no more wait and all at a lower cost. People like that.”

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