SD County Covid Numbers 1.12.22

As local, state and national COVID numbers spike, County health officials are urging local residents not to go to the emergency departments for COVID-19 testing, while warning San Diegans about potential scams from “pop up” sites that are offering “free” COVID-19 testing.

The number of COVID-positive patients in County hospitals continues to climb at a quicker pace than any other time in the pandemic. The number of COVID-positive patients in San Diego County hospitals increased to 1004 Monday, up from 943 on Sunday. Of those patients, 172 are in intensive care. On Tuesday, the county reported 10,198 new COVID-19 infections and 20 deaths, bringing the total positive cases to 535,924 and deaths to 4,520 since the pandemic began. 

County data shows that between Dec. 29, 2021, through Jan. 4, 2022, confirmed cases jumped from about 4,700 cases per week to 45,000 confirmed cases, increasing nearly tenfold in a 30 day period, with hospitalizations tripling from 303 to 943 in the same 30 day period. 

Additionally, San Diego County broke 3 new records in 10 days’ time. The first on Dec. 29 with 5,976 positive cases, then on Jan. 2 with 8,313, and again on Jan.7 with 19,009 positive cases. 

The county has averaged nearly 40,000 tests per day, and over the last seven day period, 27.3% have come back positive. 

San Diego Health officials are recommending that only people needing emergency care should go to the hospital emergency department in an effort to alleviate strain on local hospitals. Additionally, HHSA is recommending that COVID-19 testing should be reserved for higher risk individuals.

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