It’s been just over two years since Manifest MedEx formed to connect health information for patients and providers across the state of California. The nonprofit statewide network now has more than 400 participating hospitals, health plans, and provider organizations, including Scripps Health, exchanging information in real time for 17 million people — approximately 40% of Californians. By unlocking health data from silos, Manifest MedEx aims to help health leaders reduce costs, enhance care and improve patient experience.

Among other services designed to put information to work, Manifest MedEx delivers 80,000 notifications each month to medical providers in real time when their patients are admitted, transferred or discharged from the hospital. Bringing the right data to the right provider at the right time, these actionable insights improve patient care — for example, ensuring primary care physicians know when their patients are having a serious health issue and helping care managers plan for safe transfers from the hospital to recovery at home.

Manifest Medix was recently profiled in Modern Healthcare by an ACO participant that was able to reduce ER visits and improve post-discharge follow-up using MX data and services. “Less than two years since launch, MX participating providers have already demonstrated improvements in patient outcomes and reductions in readmission rates through the use of MX data and services,” the nonprofit said in the December 2018 announcement of the addition of Scripps Health.


Manifest MedEx recently announced an initiative to facilitate better data exchange between ambulance service providers and hospitals to ensure first responders have relevant patient data when they are in the field, working with six local EMS agencies, 13 EMS providers and 16 hospitals across eight counties—Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, Tulare, San Joaquin, Merced, Amador, Stanislaus and Calaveras—to develop a framework for bidirectional data exchange. 

The two-year initiative is designed to create capabilities that can be scaled to other California communities in the future.


Later this summer, Manifest MedEx will launch a new suite of MX Analyze tools to help providers put network data to work for their patients. Free for all small practice providers, these population health management and analytics tools will assist in identifying patients missing crucial preventive care or most in need of care coordination and other support.

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