Mayor Kevin Faulconer

In counties across the state, including San Diego, restaurants and stores are opening to serve customers while implementing strict health measures. In San Diego, where the trendline for the number of COVID cases is flatter than the state average trendline, those measures for restaurants include temperature/symptom screening for employees daily, requiring tables to be six feet apart or have barriers separating them, no self-service such as buffets, salad bars, soda machines, etc., requiring employees to wear facial coverings and expanding outdoor seating.

Similar guidelines are in place for in-store retail, including signage and Limiting the number of customers to accommodate six feet of distance, and Churches will be allowed to reopen today if they have a plan posted and follow newly-released state guidelines.

Yesterday, Gov. Gavin Newsom also cleared the way for barbershops and hair salons to open in counties that have been cleared to move deeper into California's reopening roadmap, including  San Diego.

While the statewide numbers are trending up, San Diego County is among the counties that have managed to flatten the curve. In a key metric measured by the county, the 14-day rolling average percentage of positive tests is 3.2%. 

The county will continue to closely monitor the percentage of positive cases to determine any detrimental impact of the reopening.

“There’s a lag behind the actions that take place so it’ll take continued patience on our part,” said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

State and local officials say contact tracing is a key element to monitoring, and San Diego County is now in the process of ramping up the program. Under the state’s criteria for a broader reopening, counties should have 15 people trained in contact tracing for every 100,000 residents, but most large counties are falling short. San Diego County, home to 3.3 million people and 6,882 total confirmed cases, has plans to have 450 contact tracers working as soon as possible.

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