SD Case Rate 5.9

State health officials announced that San Diego County will remain in the orange tier based on it’s COVID-19 metrics. San Diego is among 39 counties remaining firmly in the orange tier of the state's reopening framework as Los Angeles County moves into the least restrictive yellow tier.

When asked about the difference between the counties' COVID metrics, San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said last week “We don’t know exactly all the reasons why there are fluctuations or variations.”

San Diego county has seen a higher vaccination rate as well, with 35.4% of all San Diegans fully vaccinated compared to 31.9% of Los Angeles residents. However, in the three metrics that determine the pace at which a county reopens, 

But in the three metrics that matter for reopenings, San Diego’s case rate and test positivity rates are not only higher than LA’s but slightly above the statewide averages. San Diego's test positivity rate in underserved areas, known as the health equity metric, is more than three times higher than LA’s.

To advance into the yellow tier, San Diego County must satisfy the above metrics for two consecutive weeks.

In an effort to help those who want to get vaccinated, some vaccination sites have expanded their hours to include evening shifts, appointments have been made available countywide seven days a week and pop-up sites have been opening in high traffic areas.

“We are working with MTS, for example, on identifying frequently high visited areas where people as they’re moving through, might be willing to drop in and get a vaccine on their way home,” Fletcher said. “We’re working with senior centers, with faith-based organizations.”

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